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Various Forms of PPC Campaigns E-mail
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When launching a PPC marketing campaign, you will have two different types of campaign strategies to select from: keyword or content match. You may choose to pursue one of these PPC advertising campaign strategies or you can elect to do both.

Each has its pros and cons and their characteristics should be analyzed carefully in order to select the one that is right for you.

Keyword PPC Advertising Campaigns

With a keyword PPC advertising campaign, you will have to bid on certain keywords with the search engines of your choice. These keywords can be either one single word or a specific keyword phrase.

When a web surfer performs a search for the keyword or words you have selected, an ad containing a link to your site will be displayed along with the natural results. The order these ads are displayed depends on how much you bid for that particular keyword or for the keyword phrase. The more you bid, the higher your position will be.

When you launch a keyword PPC advertising campaign, you will need to do a bit of research in order to select the keywords that are most likely to be sought by your target audience. At the same time, you need to select a keyword or a keyword phrase that is low enough in cost to it your budget.

Content Match PPC Advertising Campaign

If you put a content match PPC advertising campaign, your keyword ad will be sent to those sites or publishers that are partners with the search engine you are working with. Each of these sites and publishers has a distribution agreement with the search engine company that will guarantee your site gains exposure. Some of the most common search engines utilized for both keyword and content match PPC advertisement campaigns include:

Google AdWords
Microsoft adCenter
Yahoo! Search Marketing

Selecting the right search engine company to work with is also an important factor, as your target audience may have a tendency to use one of these search engines more than the other. In addition, you might find better prices with one search engine over the other or you might simply find that one provides you with better results.

Using Online Comparison Shopping and Service Search Engines with a PPC Campaign

Another form of PPC advertisement is to take advantage of the services of an online comparison shopping engine. With these product engines, you can provide a feed of your product to a database. Then, when web surfers perform a search for that product, links to your product and to the products of others that have signed up for this service are displayed.

As with other forms of PPC advertising, the businesses that pay the most will be listed first. At the same time, the web surfer has the option to change the order of the products, such as listing them from the lowest to the highest priced product. For this reason, these search engines are also commonly referred to as Price comparison engines or Product comparison engines.

Some of these engines utilize the PPC advertising format, while others will provide the service for free as long as the product feed remains active. Some of the more popular engines that utilize the PPC method include:


A service PPC advertising campaign works in much the same was as an online comparison search engine. With service search engines, however, the listings focus on those businesses that provide services rather than products. Some product PPCs also offer service information while others focus on either one or the other. Some of the most popular service search engines that offer PPC services include:


Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay per call advertisement is similar to pay per click. With this form of advertisement, ads are brought up as search engine results. Each time a web surfer clicks on one of these ads in order to call the business being advertised, the site receives a small kickback. This type of advertisement is not just meant for local advertisers. In fact, many of these search engines allow national companies to develop ads containing local phone numbers to be included in their search results.

There are many different options available to a business when it comes to PPC advertising. Depending on your business and on the goals of your marketing campaign, you can best decide which of these strategies is best for you. For example, if your goal is to get more phone call inquiries. A pay per call advertising campaign is likely to be the best option for you. If, on the other hand, you wish to draw more traffic to your website, a more traditional pay per click campaign is the best choice.

You may also wish to employ a multi-tiered strategy that utilizes a variety of different PPC advertising methods. Or, you may set up a traditional PPC campaign while signing up for free placement in comparison search engines that do not require a fee. The key is to keep track of your campaign in order to make sure you are receiving more money from the business you receive through your campaign than you pay for the actual ads.
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written by concord , April 04, 2008
Why PPC management is important?
Although many customers feel that PPC being a paid marketing strategy can be handled easily, the real world scenario is not so. Even PPC advertising campaigns can face stiff competition when it comes to price bidding and it can be quite a challenge to manage a series of ads along with the financial aspect.
written by naughty , April 18, 2008
smilies/shocked.gif how to earn money online ..i don know ..?but intrested ..!!
written by mehak , June 10, 2008
what is ppc forms and how can i fill it
written by Ady , July 15, 2008
I have seen no one as good who can pay well ... Money is always hard earned so do not get into crappy things.
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