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Selecting a Dedicated Server E-mail
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A dedicated server is simply a hosting solution that is dedicated to your site. The server is essentially rented to you, and features its own processor, hard drive(s), RAM and bandwidth capabilities.
Selecting a Domain Name E-mail
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When you are starting a business or when you are expanding your business, it is very important to do so with the Internet in mind, even if your business is not web-based. The Web can serve as the excellent advertising medium for your products/services and has the potential to reach more consumers than any other medium. If your business is entirely web-based, its presence, and therefore its name, on the Internet are of the highest importance. These guidelines can help you to choose a domain/business name with an Internet presence in mind.
Choosing A Web Hosting Company E-mail
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Selecting a web-host is important decision you will take when setting up a web presence as selecting a unreliable host can have a very negative effect on your e-business. It's important to select a host that can meet your needs over the long haul as it is very expensive and time consuming to move a site. So you should take take the time to do your research and before signing up with a web hosting companies.
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